Sam’s Fundraising Program
We have been serving our community for nearly 20 years by providing delicious meals and also helping local organizations and individuals earn funds to further their journeys. Numerous sports teams, school bands, churches, among others, have benefited from selling our fresh and delicious hoagies and product coupons. 
Our hoagie fundraising program consists of our most popular Italian hoagie as well as turkey and roast beef hoagies. We use freshly-made buns and fresh produce. Hoagies are assembled the morning of your delivery date.
Their descriptions are as follows: 
12” Italian Hoagie
Freshly sliced ham, salami, capicole and cheese with lettuce, tomato and dressing packaged separately. 
12” Turkey Hoagie
Freshly sliced turkey and cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise packaged separately. 
12” Roast Beef Hoagie 
Freshly sliced roast beef and cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise packaged separately.
Our hoagies sell for $7.00 a piece providing your organization a $2.00 profit because you only pay $5.00 each. The option is available for download below as a pdf. 
Product coupons, personalized with your organization’s name and logo, are available with the hoagie option as well as individually. How it works is you sell $10.00 coupons redeemable at our location for $10.00 worth of food. For each coupon sold, your organization profits $2.00.
For more information or to schedule a fundraiser and select your date, please call us after 4 p.m.  at 724-745-9861. Calling as soon as possible locks your dates into our schedule. We need your final totals approximately a week before your pick-up date. Payment is due at time of hoagie pick up. Individual organizations are responsible for proper refrigerated storage of product until distribution. Sam’s Pizza is not liable for any product that is not kept below 42 degrees once it leaves our location. 
Thank you and we look forward to assisting with your fundraising endeavor!
Thank you!
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